Friday, November 02, 2007

Reel Progress in bid to re-release the feature film "Cut Up." Mike Lyddon of the long running online independent film website Reel Progress announced today that plans are underway to re-release the 1995 suspense film "Cut Up" on VOD, video on demand platform. The film starring Jeff Hollins, Roy "Rusty" Jackson and Rosie Rosato garnered festival acolades and enjoyed a healthy world wide distribution run in the late 90's. Said Lyddon, "Right now we are seeing if the current domestic distributor is going to extend our contract or relinquish the rights back to us. If we get the rights back, expect Cut Up to be VOD by Christmas of 2007."
Cool fusion indeed. Directed by John Paizs, "Invasion" aka "Welcome to Exceptional Vista" aka "Top of the Food Chain" is one of those rare great comedies that truly deserves the title of cult movie. Campbell Scott and Fiona Loewi are funny as hell in this way offbeat flick about a sleepy town well known for it's Nut Factory (yes an actual factory which produces nuts) when nasty aliens decide to invade and wreak havoc. The dialog is at times side splitting, and the whole thing is delivered in such a dry manner that after a while you could be questioning your own sanity...and loving the idea!
More on the film at Rotten Tomatoes.
Oops, almost forgot about this one. Folks I have neglected "Cult Movies I dare you to watch" but I'm back to deliver more b-movie mayhem! And for more news on what's happening in the demented world of Reel Progress independent films please click on the link!

P.S. We also have a cool Rotten Tomatoes page for your passive amusement.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Yeah that's right, here's the companion site to "Walking The Dogs" called "Walking The Blog" ;^) updated often with listings of animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescue groups looking for volunteers.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

July 20, 2004
Hey folks! I just launched a new site that has nothing to do with
daring you to watch cult movies!
It's called "Walking the Dogs, a vounteer's guide to animal shelters
around world." Devoted to helping people find animal shelters,
sanctuaries and rescue organizations in their own areas or places
they want to visit, Walking The Dogs is entirely non-profit and I
welcome emails (sanmentolabs at yahoo dot com) if you have any
additional shelters etc. you think i should add to the site.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Station Agent (2003)
Directed by Thomas McCarthy
Starring Peter Dinklage

Okay, not so much a cult movie i'd dare you to watch...or is it?!

The Station Agent is about a guy who inherits a plot of land with a run down train station on it in the sticks of a rural New York town called Newfoundland.

This is ideal for the chap (well played by Peter Dinklage) as he's about had it with society and humans in general.

Why you ask? Because he's a dwarf who's been taunted all his life for being different.

Of course upon settling into his new dilapidated abode, he is deluged by a cast of characters who challenge his wish to be left alone.

While nothing incredible happens plot-wise, this was the fastest 2 hours i've sat thru in a long time, i wish it was twice the length. Good supporting cast,Fascinating train lore and great location make this one hell of a film about...nothing in particular. What a freakin' relief!

You can buy the film here
The Station Agent

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Spider (2003)
David Cronenberg
starring Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson

Spider represents a slight departure for Cronenberg from the "medical disaster" and flesh-metal mutation movies he's so well known for, but regardless, he's spot on with this latest feature.

Ralph Fiennes plays a man who's recently been released from a mental institution and sent to a halfway house for persons slowly adjusting to the outside world.

As Spider convalesces he literally enters his childhood memories of living with his mom and dad, a tulmultuous and deceitful relationship which leads up to an inescapable tragedy and traumatizes young Spider for life.

Simple yet powerful, Spider is yet another example of Cronenberg's genius in storytelling (hey, anyone who can pull off a translation of Burrough's "Naked Lunch" can pretty much do anything). Oh yeah, Ralph Fiennes doth kick ass as well.

Spider is currently showing on HBO and available for sale and rental.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2004)
Pretty Dirty Things (2004)
Gothika (2004)

I rented these 3 movies and watched them in a row, thus the grouping-TCM - 2004 started off with a bang (literally) then, as soon as the teens start getting offed the movies takes a massive shit. Wherein the original relied upon the psychological horror of a twisted,inbred family, the new version almost completely bypasses that idea and ops for the visceral. Bad move. I would suggest you go rent the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the first and the best. (Note: there is a superb gunshot incident toward the beginning of the new version which you MUST SEE.)

Pretty Dirty Things is worth renting in that the concept is interesing and the characters are engaging. Basically you have a few people living on a very low budget in London who discover that London's poor are sacrificing body organs (and sometimes their own lives) for money and faked visas to get into the States (if only they knew)!

The execution of said plot is a mixed bag, and imo it could have been far more suspensful and disturbing. But hey, that chick from Amelie is in it, so you should check it out!

Gothika - I dont care what film it is, its great to see Robert Downey Jr. back. Granted his role is in the film is spare, but what the heck, as long as this signals a comeback for one of the best actors alive imo, that would be officially swank.

This film falls into the category of "mind fuck movies," those great and rare types of flicks dealing with warped realities and hallucinations ("But you've always been here Cindy, Pertwee's Manor for the Criminally Insane has been your home for 25 years!" type of thing)

Interesting concept, much better than i thought it would be with a very satisfying resolution.